Cause of IDF helicopter fire revealed

Investigation into near-disastrous helicopter fire lauds pilots for quick action which prevented any loss of life.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

helicopter fire
helicopter fire
Photo: documentation of firefighting and rescue operations

The cause of the helicopter fire which forced the soldiers on board to make an emergency landing last month has been revealed.

CH-53 transport helicopter, known in Israel as the Yasur, made an emergency landing near Beit Kama Junction in the south, after a fire broke out in the helicopter during flight. The crew were safely extracted from the aircraft.

An investigation into the incident has revealed that the cause of the fire was not the engine, but a gear wheel connected to the left engine.

The high heat generated by the relay ignited the helicopter's flare.

"The reasons for the technical failure are being investigated in collaboration with professionals, fellow air forces who also fly CH-53 helicopters, the helicopter manufacturer and Israeli industry officials," the IDF explained.

The team that conducted the investigation also praised the quick and professional action of the pilots in noticing the malfunction and landing the aircraft with no casualties.