Join chance to win apartment and strengthen the farmers

Am Yisrael Chai Foundation is back to fight agricultural terror: Special operation with dream raffle for luxurious apartment in Jerusalem.

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The US-based Am Yisrael Chai Foundation is back with a new fundraising campaign for farmers and the war on agricultural terror.

For the second time, the Foundation is giving away a new luxury apartment in the heart of Jerusalem for a raffle ticket for only NIS 600 (plus another gift).

The Foundation manager is social activist Shmuel Sacket who founded it 18 years ago. The People of Israel Living Fund has helped to plant thousands of vineyards and olive trees from which farmers make a living and, among other things, the fund has donated 5,000 fruit trees. The fund's activities are characterized by settlement projects of paramount importance.

The Foundation has helped in many places including Yitzhar, Alon Moreh, the Golan Heights, the Gaza area and the Jordan Valley. The fund provided assistance to farmers suffering from agricultural terror, thefts, and fires on thousands of acres that destroyed lands, vineyards, and fruit trees. Sacket pledges the fund will continue to do its utmost to help the needy farmers.


But the Foundation doesn't settle for this and is working creatively to save lives. For example, dog training against terror - dogs whose expertise is in locating terrorists and missing persons.

As mentioned, the Foundation is coming back for the second time with a Dream Lottery, a million-dollar apartment located in the heart of Jerusalem overlooking the Temple Mount, the Mount of Olives, and almost everywhere in the city. One raffle ticket for an affordable price allows anyone to help farmers suffering from agricultural terror, and perhaps win a new luxury apartment in the Holy City Jerusalem.

The Am Yisrael Chai Foundation is a non-profit organization with close to 100% of its revenue dedicated to Zionist causes. To date, the fund has donated millions of dollars to promote national and Zionist goals in Israel.

Not joined yet? This is the time to support farmers who fight terror every day and maybe win an apartment in Jerusalem.

To purchase a raffle ticket, click here.