Best Souvenir from trip to Israel: Personalized Torah Learning!

Special personalized learning program offers visitors to Israel the opportunity to create their own unique learning experience.

Shmuel Jablon ,

Shapell’s/Yeshiva Darche Noam
Shapell’s/Yeshiva Darche Noam
Shapell’s/Yeshiva Darche Noam:

People come to Israel with all sorts of goals. Some come to visit family and friends, while others for business. Some come to connect with our history, our land and our diverse Jewish brethren. Some come for spiritual reasons, seeking to deepen their connection to Hashem and His Torah. Many come with a combination of these, and other, very important goals. But in the end, what does the visitor bring back with them?

Without question, the best souvenir from a trip to Israel cannot be found in a gift shop or the shuk. Rather, it is one-on-one Torah learning, custom-made for you, in a genuine yeshiva or seminary setting in Jerusalem.

Our Sages teach us that “There is no Torah like the Torah of the Land of Israel.” Someone visiting Israel should take advantage of the opportunity to experience this first hand. The Executive Learning Program at Shapell’s/Yeshiva Darche Noam and Midreshet Rachel v’Chaya provides this experience. But this is not simply “dropping in” to one of the thousands of wonderful Yeshivot in Israel that would be happy to greet visitors and allow them to quietly learn in their Beit Midrash. Rather, this is the opportunity to tailor-make a program based on your interests, background and the time you have available.

Past participants have come for anywhere from one morning to a few weeks. Some have chosen to study topics such as business or medical ethics. Others have chosen to learn Hilchot Shabbat or Kashrut. Still others have wanted the opportunity to learn Gemara - either for their first time (including a man in his 90’s who decided it was finally time to learn how to learn Gemara) or simply to take a break from their busy schedule to learn as they did when in Yeshiva. In some cases, parents have come with their children to learn together. One father and son even made a siyum on Mishna Megillah!

Andrew and Daniel Snider of Johannesburg, who came to Israel in honor of Daniel’s bar mitzvah, and learned together in the Executive Learning Program.

The program is directed by Rabbi Binyomin Wolff, a rabbinic graduate of Yeshiva University, who has taught Jews of all ages and stages. He commented, “It is so special when people make Torah learning part of the trip to Israel, and it is amazing how much can be accomplished in a relatively short amount of time with a guided, personalized curriculum.”

Josh Danziger of Manhattan is a prime example of what can be accomplished. He shared, “I’ve had the opportunity to come to Shapell’s a few times for the Executive Learning Program, ranging from a few days to up to a week. Each time I am amazed by how much I am able to accomplish even in a short time, both in terms of improving learning skills and personal growth in the inspirational environment that is the yeshiva. One of the best aspects is the ability to build and maintain relationships with Rabbis and then stay in touch through the numerous online learning opportunities that Shapell’s provides. Even though I’ve never been able to spend more than a week or so at Shapell’s it’s become “my yeshiva” and a significant portion of my daily and weekly learning is provided by the Shapell’s shiurim. I’d encourage anyone considering it to go. Longer is always better of course; but even a short time spent at the yeshiva is incredibly impactful and beneficial.”

Ben Shamash of London was able to spend two weeks. He recalled, “I had the most wonderful and meaningful experience at Shapell's and I would highly recommend it to anyone considering going. Firstly, Rabbi Wolff and the team are highly knowledgeable and inspirational. Rabbi Wolff created a customized learning program which allowed me to gain a fantastic experience of Yeshiva life having no previous Gemara training whilst developing my skills for the future. The atmosphere at the Yeshiva is very warm and I was made to feel welcome and included by the fellow students who kindly invited me along to lunch or any other events going on. I can't wait for my next visit!”

Customized Torah learning that you can take with you into the future is indeed the best souvenir from Israel - and should be part of any trip.

For more information please visit or email Rabbi Binyamin Wolff,