How the German Railways enabled the Holocaust

Leading historian explains the role German Railways played in the Holocaust - and why it's important for Israel to annex the Jordan Valley.

Walter Bingham,

The German Railways Enabled The Holocaust
The German Railways Enabled The Holocaust
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How The German Railways Enabled The Holocaust

Hear How: The German Railways were a key element in Hitler’s systematic extermination of Millions. The leading German Rail historian explains their involvement and organization during the Nazi era and the financial rewards for their business.

And: An update about the situation around UNRWA, the corrupt United Nations Relief and Works Agency tasked to care for the Palestinian Arab refugees.

With Election Fever in the Air: Walter will once again give his thoughts free reign. Don't miss that.

What Do You Know: About Thanksgiving day? We talk about that as well.

Also: Why it is imperative that the Jordan Valley must be annexed.

Plus: Many Jews live in cloud cuckoo land. Hear why.