The amazing journey led to Israel

Eli Riskin's global adventures and search for meaning in life.

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Eli Riskin
Eli Riskin
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Eli Riskin, who was born in Moscow, made Aliyah with his family when he was ten years old. After a cursory conversion and army service, he became a very successful salesman.

Why would Eli leave a successful career where he had everything a person could want? How was being arrested in Japan one of the most important events in Eli's life? How did a secular atheist, raised as a communist, develop an interest in exploring the real meaning of Judaism?

Eli Riskin is a tour guide with a passion for the Land of Israel and its connection to the Jewish people. His journey around the world led him on a search for true meaning in life, ending in a satisfying life of joy, Torah and family. Tune in to hear Eli's fascinating adventure.