How Mossad agents practiced 'liquidation' on Israeli citizens

Mossad agents literally spritzed 'liquid' on Israelis to see how they reacted. Spritzes of 'liquid' poison were for terrorists only.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Practicing 'liquidation' in Tel Aviv
Practicing 'liquidation' in Tel Aviv
Credit: Channel 13

The second chapter of Channel 13's series Hit List interviewed former Mossad agents about their practice drills in Tel Aviv to train themselves to liquidate terrorist leaders.

Former Mossad agent: "And then we started very carefully to practice on the streets of Tel Aviv, carrying it out quietly."

Interviewer: Who did you test it on?

Former Mossad agent: "On innocent people on the street."

What do you mean by 'training'?

"Training meant we put water instead of the substance that leads to death within a few hours. We tried figuring out how to pass by someone and spritz on him without raising too much attention."

"Two agents would go out, one with the liquid to spritz and the second one with a can of Coke that he shook up really well so the moment he opened it at the right place it spritzed all over."

"Sometimes when a person feels something spritzing on him, he'll turn around angry. There were incidents when people turned around with their fists raised."

It all went according to plan in Tel Aviv?

"We slowly improved the way we did it. There were people who were bothered by it but most Israelis weren't bothered by it at all."

"I wanted to do the same practice drill in Arab cities in Israel because it was very clear to me that an Arab in Tira that gets spritzed acts differently than a Jew in Dizengoff. It's not a stereotype - the culture is different."

"So I wanted to practice it in Arab cities but my request was turned down because the order came to carry out the liquidation..."