Pilot on Russian plane dies following heart attack

Russian pilot suffers heart attack during flight, dies after plane makes emergency landing.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Aeroflot airplane
Aeroflot airplane

The crew of a Russian passenger plane desperately appealed for medical help on Sunday after a pilot suffered from an acute health problem mid-flight, according to Russia Today.

The pilot died shortly after the jet made an emergency landing.

The Aeroflot Airbus 320 took off from Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport on its way to Anapa, a Black Sea resort. The aircraft had to make an emergency landing in Rostov-on-Don, however, after its first officer was suddenly struck by a health issue.

The cause of death is unclear but it is believed to have been a heart attack or blood clot. A source told RIA Novosti that the pilot had earlier complained about having chest pain.

One of the passengers, Yelena Voronova, told Channel 5 that prior to landing the crew announced on loudspeaker that a crew member was feeling bad.

“A stewardess practically ran across the aisle. They later asked if there were any doctors on board and said they really needed them. Then they asked again,” she said.