Trump: Iran wants zero transparency

Trump comments on Iranian regime shutting down the internet in an attempt to prevent protests from spreading.

Elad Benari,

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump commented on Thursday on the recent protests in Iran and on the fact that Iran shut down the internet throughout the country.

“Iran has become so unstable that the regime has shut down their entire Internet System so that the Great Iranian people cannot talk about the tremendous violence taking place within the country,” he tweeted.

“They want ZERO transparency, thinking the world will not find out the death and tragedy that the Iranian Regime is causing!” added Trump.

The unrest erupted on Friday, hours after it was announced that the price of gas would rise to 15,000 rials per liter (12 US cents) from 10,000 for the first 60 liters, and to 30,000 rials for any extra fuel bought after that each month.

Amnesty International said it had documented at least 106 deaths of protesters killed by security forces, making it the worst street unrest in Iran in at least a decade and possibly since the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

In an attempt to stop the protests from spreading, the Iranian regime shut down the internet for days, making it difficult to obtain reliable reports of the extent of the unrest.

On Wednesday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani declared “victory” over foreign enemies as the protests calmed down.

Tehran has blamed “thugs” linked to exiles and foreign foes - the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia - for the unrest.

Iran's economy has been battered since May last year when Trump withdrew the United States from a 2015 nuclear agreement and reimposed crippling sanctions.

In response to the US withdrawal from the nuclear deal and its imposition of sanctions, Iran has gradually scaled back its compliance with the 2015 deal.