'Red tweet'

IDF's Twitter account was blocked from reporting about rocket sirens after the social network identified it as a repetitive tweet.

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'Red tweet'
'Red tweet'
IDF Spokesperson's Unit

More than one million people follow the IDF's official Twitter account in English, through which they are updated on what is happening in Israel, with a focus on the military's defense-related operations.

The account is operated by soldiers from the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, who this week intensively tweeted about all the security developments – including the rocket fire from Gaza and the air strikes in Gaza.

On Wednesday, when the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit sought to tweet about the “Red Color” siren which informs Israelis of an incoming rocket, the social network blocked the tweet because several similar tweets had already been posted minutes before. Only after a while did Twiiter once again permit the account to tweet again about the “Red Color” sirens.

The soldiers documented their attempts to tweet about rocket fire warnings, and posted the video to illustrate Israeli reality: too much Red Color, too many rockets, too many tweets.

“We were trying to tweet about more rockets being fired at Israel by Islamic Jihad in Gaza, but Twitter kept blocking our tweet for being repetitive. It is repetitive. But it’s important. Please RT,” they wrote.