Meet Israel's number one tech blogger

Watch: Hillel Fuld comes to the weekly podcast to talk about Israel - the startup nation.

Naor Meningher and Eytan Weinstein ,

Hillel Fuld
Hillel Fuld

Israel has certainly earned the nickname “Start-Up Nation”. We have the largest number of startups per capita in the entire world. The population of this small country recently passed 9 million, so that’s about a startup for every 1,500 people.

The stories abound of huge exits, like Mobileye to Intel for 15 billion dollars, Mellanox sold to Nvidia for about 7 billion dollars earlier this year, and the list goes on and on and on. But what makes Israel the startup hub that it is? What does the VC – startup courtship look like here in Israel? And with so many startups, what happens to all the ones that fail?

We're super thrilled to be joined by Hillel Fuld on the podcast today to talk about our startup nation.