Netanyahu: Liberman working with Arab parties

PM accuses Yisrael Beytenu leader of seeking to form left-wing government with outside support of the Joint Arab List.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Flash 90

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu began the weekly Cabinet meeting Sunday with a fierce attack on Yisrael Beyteinu chairman Avigdor Liberman.

"Some time ago, Lieberman said that the Yisrael Beytenu party would not cooperate with the Joint List in any way. That was six weeks ago," Netanyahu began.

Responding to the ultimatum Liberman made Saturday night, Netanyahu said: "Apparently this is a show. Avigdor Liberman appears to be in agreement with the Joint List and Blue and White. Therefore, the ultimatum he offers to both parties is apparently an ultimatum for Likud alone."

"He does not tell Blue and White that he will not not allow them to form a narrow government with the backing of the Joint List. He tells us to dismantle the right-wing bloc. Liberman is striving to form a minority government with the Left," a prime minister stated.

"How can you function as a government in this room when the key to the room is held by Ayman Odeh? Liberman said their place is not in the Knesset. These are the people to whome he wants to hand over the keys of the government."

"I am ready to meet with Avigdor Liberman. I agree with Liberman that there is no need to drag the State of Israel to another election. A broad unity government can be formed as the president proposed. It is not too late to do so," said Netanyahu.