Pro-BDS Human Rights Watch official to be deported from Israel

Supreme Court green-lights deportation of Human Rights Watch regional chief Omar Shakir over his support for anti-Israel boycott.

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Israeli Supreme Court
Israeli Supreme Court
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Israel’s Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected an appeal from Human Rights Watch regional director Omar Shakir, paving the way for his deportation from Israel over his support for the anti-Israel boycott movement.

Shakir, who was accused of backing the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, will be required to leave Israel within the next 20 business days, the court ruled Tuesday morning.

Shakir had appealed to the Supreme Court against a decision by the Interior Ministry not to renew his work and residency visas. The Ministry cited Shakir’s history of anti-Israel activities and support for the BSD movement.

Human Rights Watch's regional director Omar Shakir
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The Human Rights Watch denied that either it or Shakir had endorsed the BDS movement, though the Jerusalem District Court accept the government’s claims that Shakir had in fact worked to promote the BDS movement’s agenda.

But in its ruling Tuesday, the Supreme Court upheld the Interior Ministry’s decision to deny Shakir an extension of his work visa.

“There is nothing amiss in the Interior Minister’s decision not to renew Shakir’s permit to stay in Israel,” said Judge Neal Hendel.

Israel passed the so-called “BDS Law” in 2017, enabling the government to bar entry to non-citizens who support boycotting the Jewish state.