Jeremy Corbyn: Jews have nothing to fear from me

Labour UK chief reassures British Jews they have nothing to fear if he becomes prime minister, says attacks on Jews won't be tolerated.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn

Labour UK chairman Jeremy Corbyn tried to reassure Jewish voters in Britain that they have nothing to fear from a possible Labour government.

Speaking with The Guardian Sunday night, Corbyn condemned anti-Semitism as “evil”, and said British Jews have no reason to fear his possible election as Prime Minister in next month’s general election.

“Anti-Semitism and racism is an evil within our society,” Corbyn told The Guardian. “We want this country to be safe for all people. An attack on a synagogue, an attack on a mosque, an attack on a church – an attack on a person walking down the street because they’re perceived to be different from the rest of us – we simply can’t tolerate it.”

Corbyn, who took control of the Labour Party in 2015, has faced ongoing accusations of anti-Semitism, both over his history of hostility towards Israel and support for anti-Israel terrorist groups, as well as the rise in anti-Jewish rhetoric within the party.

Critics, including the Labour Party’s Jewish Labour Movement, have accused Corbyn of suppressing investigations into Labour members accused of anti-Semitism.

A 2018 poll found that nearly 86% of British Jews believe the Labour leader is anti-Semitic, compared to just 8.3% who believe he is not.

Two weeks ago, a Survation poll conducted for The Jewish Chronicle found that just 7% of British Jews would even consider voting for Labour in this December’s general election.