Shaked explores possibility of returning to Jewish Home

New Right Chair meets with senior party officials attempting return without Bennett, and even compete with Rabbi Peretz for party leadership

Mordechai Sones ,

Arutz Sheva

New Right Party Chairwoman Ayelet Shaked met with senior members of the Jewish Home Party in an attempt to pave the way back, Yisrael Hayom reported this morning.

The report said that in recent days, Shaked has been meeting with party members to plan her return to the mother party and later to run against Education Minister Rabbi Rafi Peretz to replace him as party head.

Since the chances of Peretz cutting her integration period short are slim, Shaked has been speaking to Jewish Home activists in recent days.

According to the plan, activists will put public pressure on Rabbi Peretz to shorten her integration period and arrange primaries to enable her to "come home". She will also meet and formally support the party's rabbis and eventually run in the primaries against Peretz.

Shaked has in recent days expressed concern to Jewish Home members about moves that would cause the party to set up a mechanism to cancel the primaries and shut the party's front door.

For example, yesterday the party announced establishment of a public council. Shaked voiced her concerns among Central Committee members, who will also be granted powers to formulate the party list to the Knesset without the need for primaries, which could thwart her possibility of returning to the party.

Those close to Ayelet Shaked responded to the report claiming that she did not talk about returning to Jewish Home. "Shaked is holding meetings with all the political parties on the Right to formulate political plans for the future," it was reported in her name.