Provocation at the Western Wall

Dozens of WoW members, leaders of Reform, Conservative movements, try to bring Torah scrolls from egalitarian section into women's section.

Yoni Kempinski ,

Women of the Wall
Women of the Wall

Dozens of Women of the Wall (Wow) members arrived Wednesday at the Western Wall to hold a prayer session together with the leaders of the Conservative and Reform movements.

The women requested to bring Torah scrolls into the Women's section, but the Western Wall guards did not allow them to do so, permitting entry only after they agreed to leave the scrolls outside,

The Western Wall Heritage Foundation responded: "Supervisors from the Western Wall Heritage Foundation did everything in their power to prevent violent conflict between the sides. Supervisors fought in order to prevent the desecration and falls of the Torah scrolls, and called on Women of the Wall to return the scrolls to the Egalitarian section."

"The Western Wall Heritage Foundation calls on all involved to act to distance all attempts of provocation from the Western Wall, and to once again make the Western Wall a place of unity and togetherness."

Bezalel Zini, who heads the Joint Headquarters for the Preservation of the Western Wall's Holiness, said: "Like at the beginning of every new Jewish month, a group of lawbreakers arrived with the goal of breaking the rules and policies and harming the men and women who arrived to worship here. The 'reinforcements' that the extremist and marginalized women's group brought today only prove once again what their true goal is - to change the Jewish character of the State."