Tuna company sues Aroma after food poisoning incidents

Williger tuna manufacturer sues cafe chain over harm caused to its reputation following hospitalization of customers after eating tuna.

Arutz Sheva Staff,


The Williger canned tuna manufacturer has filed a lawsuit against the Aroma Tel Aviv cafe chain, claiming that the chain has tarnished the name of the brand, Channel 13 reported.

Following the hospitalization of two Aroma Tel Aviv customers after eating tuna, Williger claimed that Aroma Tel Aviv "tried to shake off responsibility and put it on Williger," even though lab tests carried out by the Ministry of Health found Williger tuna to be in accordance with standards and suitable for eating.

"Your negligent use of the product triggered and continues to cause serious harm to the tuna manufacturer, including damage to its sales and reputation," Williger argued.

"Your dirtying of the tuna manufacturer's name, unjustifiably and unnecessarily, has caused and continues to cause a plummet in its tuna sales, and damage to its good name."