American Express, British Airways offer new business credit card

New business credit card launched in a joint venture of American Express and British Airways.

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Credit cards
Credit cards

American Express and British Airways launch new business credit card

It has just been announced that American Express has partnered with British Airways to provide a brand new business credit card for customers. It is now possible for people to apply for the card with American Express.

What does the business credit card offer?

The card, which is called the British Airways American Express Accelerating Business Card, has a number of advantages for customers running companies. For example, the card provides owners of small businesses with a variety of reward incentives for using the credit card.

This includes the chance to earn additional On Business Points and Avios from British Airways. With the On Business Points, it is possible for companies to spend these points that have been accumulated on seats and upgrades through the British Airways On Business program that is available.

It is hoped that this will make business travel much simpler for company owners, alongside the creation of an online travel management tool to accompany it.

Fees for the new credit card

Nevertheless, things that business owners should keep in mind if they are interested in applying for the recently launched credit card is that it has a high APR variable rate.

This is currently at 81.6% and has a credit limit of approximately £1,200 in total. In addition, there is an annual charge that customers will need to pay in order to use the card, which is another factor to take into consideration. This fee for the card is £210.

Why has the card been launched?

American Express has stated that the credit card was designed in order to better help business owners leverage their spending, as well as provide rewards for those running companies to help facilitate company growth.

For those companies that incur a lot of travel expenses and spending through credit cards and Avios partners, there are even greater incentives to earn rewards such as flight upgrades, airport lounge privileges, discounts on car rentals and partner hotels.