PA official threatens legal steps over Israeli sovereignty move

Palestinian Authority “foreign minister”: We have the international support to tackle any threats by Netanyahu.

Elad Benari ,

Netanyahu with Jordan Valley sovereignty map
Netanyahu with Jordan Valley sovereignty map
Flash 90

Palestinian Authority “foreign minister” Riad Malki told the Xinhua news agency on Thursday that the PA will take a legal and diplomatic approach in case Israel moves to annex parts of Judea and Samaria.

The Palestinians have garnered international support to tackle against any threats posed by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who announced before the last election that Israel would apply sovereignty over the Jordan Valley, Malki claimed in the interview.

"What Netanyahu said is not only related to the elections campaign, but springs from a clear ideological and political vision he has, and he was waiting for a suitable time to come out with such statements and has found it in the boundless support by the US administration," charged the PA official.

If Palestinians find themselves facing such a move by Israel, they are ready to implement a plan with legal and diplomatic steps, warned Malki.

The plan, he added, is ready to be implemented the minute the PA sees clear indicators that any forthcoming Israeli government would carry on such a move.

The plan has been discussed at a high level in the Palestinian leadership after a special committee was formed for this purpose and its recommendations were submitted to and adopted by the leadership, Malki explained, without giving further details on the plan.

Netanyahu’s sovereignty pledge during the election campaign was denounced by the international community.

France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Britain, warned Netanyahu against going through with the move, saying it would “constitute a serious breach of international law.”

Jordan’s Foreign Minister, Ayman Safadi, warned that Netanyahu's pledge to apply sovereignty over the Jordan Valley would drag the region into violence.

PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ official spokesman dismissed Netanyahu's remarks and claimed that all the “settlements” were illegal and would be dismantled as they were dismantled in Gaza and the Sinai Peninsula.