Uman: Local disguised as maintenance man caught stealing

Local resident entered tomb of Rebbe Nachman disguised as maintenance worker and tried to empty out charity box before being caught.

Ben Shaul,


A local resident of Uman entered the tomb of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov yesterday disguised as a maintenance worker and tried to empty the charity box.

The local resident was probably aware that the day after Rosh Hashanah, charity boxes are filled with money from visitors to the tomb complex who had not yet returned home after the holiday, and he had come prepared for this.

Witnesses said the man entered the tomb complex wearing a shiny vest to calm any suspicions about his appearance.

At a certain point he went to the charity box and started emptying out the large notes that were there. After carrying out his scheme, he tried to leave.

As he was leaving, visitors at the site began to suspect that something was wrong and asked him to empty his pockets. After returning all the money, he was released.