'Not clear if the entire terror cell has been arrested'

Shabak still working to lay hands on accomplices in terror attack which killed Rina Shnerb, News 12 correspondent says.

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Rina Shnerb
Rina Shnerb
Courtesy of the family

Though Shabak (Israel Security Agency) last week published the names of three perpetrators of a deadly August terror attack, there may be additional terrorists still at large.

The terror attack left Rina Shnerb, 17, dead, and injured her father and brother.

Nir Dvori, News 12's military correspondent, spoke Wednesday to Radio 103 FM about Shabak's activity on the case, noting "additional actions" and the fact that a month lapsed between initial reports that the terrorists had been captured and Shabak's release of the information.

"It's not certain, and I say this carefully, that all members of the cell are in the hands of the security forces," Dvori said. "We saw additional actions recently - in the past few days, after these arrests were made - to lay hands on additional partners in this cell."

"The important point here is that when we lay hands on Samar Arabid, who is the leader of the cell and the head of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine's (PFLP) Ramallah headquarters, and he's also the one who built the explosive, he's a type of engineer, but he's also the one who carried out the terror attack in the field. He sat there and activated the device. He saw the family, saw that there was a teenage boy and girl, and still he activated the device. And when he was arrested the Shabak understood that there was a cell which was planning additional attacks.

"They understood that there was another device that they needed to lay their hands on and they needed to foil a terror attack - and the nature of the interrogation completely changed. It was already a ticking time bomb, and so according to law, the Shabak Law, it's okay to use force and aggressiveness since right now the interrogators

Shabak is not allowed to use force or physical means of interrogation unless a person is known to have information on a future security incident.