Company hires hundreds of workers, orders them not to vote

Central Elections Committee: Illegal to forbid employees to vote.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Voting booth (illustrative)
Voting booth (illustrative)
Estie Dazyubov /TPS

A complaint was filed with Israel Police against a company which hired hundreds of people to work as Channel 12 pollsters.

The employees were forbidden to vote in the elections, and forced to sign a document in which they agreed to forgo their right to vote in the September 2019 elections, Kan Bet reported.

A spokesperson for the Central Elections Committee said such acts are illegal and that it is dealing with the problem.

Meanwhile, by noon a full 26.8% of Israelis had voted by noon, and 60% of prisoners eligible to vote had voted in their prisons by 3:00p.m.