Netanyahu: This election is going to be 'very tight'

Prime Minister Netanyahu and his wife cast their ballots, as PM calls on voters to back Likud in 'very tight' election.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Binyamin and Sara Netanyahu vote in Jerusalem
Binyamin and Sara Netanyahu vote in Jerusalem
Likud spokesperson

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu urged supporters to vote for the Likud Tuesday, saying the election would be “very tight”.

The Prime Minister and his wife, Sara, cast their ballots Tuesday morning at a polling station in Jerusalem.

Netanyahu called on supporters to turnout, and urged right-wing voters to back the Likud rather than “smaller parties which won’t cross the threshold, like Otzma Yehudit”.

"President Trump said yesterday that the elections will be tight," Netanyahu said as he voted alongside his wife in Jerusalem. "I can guarantee you this morning that they are very tight."

On Monday, President Donald Trump said the election “is going to be close”, saying the odds were “50-50”.