Deri: Looks like Shas is going to the opposition

Shas chairman speaks to activists at party headquarters in Jerusalem and presents a gloomy prediction.

Hezki Baruch ,

Aryeh Deri
Aryeh Deri
Shas spokesperson

Shas chairman and Interior Minister Aryeh Deri spoke with activists at Shas regional headquarters in Jerusalem on Monday afternoon and presented a gloomy outlook regarding the expected results of the elections.

"We are in the final hours of the campaign. From what I have seen now, I sat for hours analyzing all the findings of what is on the ground, as of now Shas appears to be headed towards sitting in the opposition. The right-wing bloc doesn’t have 61 MKs,” predicted Deri.

The Shas chairman added, "It looks like a secular government of Gantz, Lapid and Liberman, with the support of the Arabs, may be established. The Likud may join this unity government."

According to Deri, "All this is happening for one reason, they are investing all their resources, including the public resources, unfortunately, illegally. The City of Tel Aviv, other municipalities, Tiv Ta’am, the pork store chain. They are going into a huge campaign to get all the leftist voters to go out and vote through illicit, illegal means.”

“We petitioned the Election Committee, maybe tomorrow when the election is over, they will decide on the matter, unfortunately,” he added.

The Shas chairman concluded his remarks by saying, "We have complacency and apathy. I know there are hundreds of thousands among our Sephardi public and the weaker sectors of society who are not going to vote. They are frustrated. I do not worry about myself, I worry about what will happen to Judaism, what will happen to Shabbat, what will happen to the religious services, what will happen to the kashrut, what will happen to the world of Torah, what will happen to the educational institutions of the religious and haredim."