Nasrallah: The IDF is a 'Hollywood army'

Hezbollah leader mocks Israeli maneuver which tricked terrorists, says 'no red lines' in responding to Israel, 'Zionist wars failed.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Hassan Nasrallah
Hassan Nasrallah

Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah on Tuesday warned that his terror organization "has no red lines" when it comes to its fight against Israel, Israel Hayom reported.

"Lebanon and the Lebanese nation reserve the right to defend themselves against Israeli attacks," he said. "We have no red lines when it comes to our response to Israeli aggression."

"We will learn from the recent events on the border, and we will be more prepared for the next round of conflict. The opposition has succeeded in deflecting Israel's attempts to change the rules of the game. The opposition's achievement is that this is the first time it has caused the enemy to move its forces away from the border.

"Allies of the resistance must know that Lebanon is strong and the desires of the Lebanese people are strong. The American sanctions are an attempt to harm the opposition in a new way, after the Zionist wars against us failed."

Israel's News 13 tweeted: "Hezbollah Secretary-General Nasrallah made fun of the IDF's deception exercise during the Ashura march in Beirut: 'The Zionists claim that they faked evacuating injured soldiers in an event on the border. So let's say that's true. That means the legendary Israeli army has turned into the Hollywood army. Next time we respond, they won't manage to stage Hollywood movies like this."

Meanwhile, Lebanon's Al-Manar television channel reported that Hezbollah downed an unmanned Israeli aerial vehicle flying over southern Lebanon, near the Lebanon-Israel border. Hezbollah claims that its members found remnants of the UAV. The IDF confirmed that a UAV fell in Lebanon, but said there is no concern of leaked information.

Two weeks ago, Hezbollah claimed that an Israeli drone fell in the southern suburbs of Beirut and that a second drone exploded near the ground.

Two days later, the terrorist organization claimed that its experts found that one drone was laden with highly explosive materials, suggesting the aerial vehicles were designed to carry out attacks.