What's new in Judaica?

Just in time for the holidays - new Judaica items including a sterling silver shofar, mezuzah necklace, and designer tallit set.

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One of the greatest things about being in the Judaica business is seeing the new items and designs that the artists create. In fact, people ask me what’s new in the Judaica jewelry market all the time: “Hey you’re in the Judaica business. Is there anything new that’s really interesting?” And of course, the answer is always yes! Lucky for consumers, there is a steady stream of gorgeous Judaica, and I am constantly awed at the variety of colors and designs the artists create.

So, just in case you were about to ask what’s new and exciting, here are a few of the items I find especially striking right now.

The Israel 70 Sterling Silver Ram’s Horn Shofar

This limited-edition shofar was created just for Ajudaica to honor Israel’s 70th year. Handmade in Israel by well-known Barsheshet-Ribak, a family business that has been crafting shofars for Rosh Hashana for hundreds of years. The silver-plated shofar comes in three sizes to accommodate various tastes and budgets. Each comes with a shofar stand so you can display your shofar beautifully, and all are easy to blow and odor-free, making them a unique gift or special souvenir.

Spiral Mezuzah Necklace Pendant with Hebrew Shema Yisrael in Sterling Silver

Mezuzah Necklace Pendant
צילום: Ajudaica

This Mezuzah necklace makes a big impression. Available with a variety of chain lengths, this 925 sterling silver necklace has a lovely spiral chai on the outside encasing a mini scroll. The case cannot be opened, but you can see a glimpse of the parchment through the spiralled silver. Simple and exquisite at the same time, the necklace is an Ajudaica design and comes in its own distinct gift box, making gift giving extra special.

Etched Shema Yisrael Mezuzah Case in Dark Gray created by Adi Sidler

This lovely brushed aluminum mezuzah case can easily adorn every indoor doorpost, from a modern living room to a traditional dining room or contemporary office, with words from Shema Yisrael etched on the front. If you prefer a different color or design, Israeli artist Adi Sidler has a huge assortment of wonderful mezuzah cases from white to pink, blue and black, with a variety of etched designs. The case is available in two sizes to accommodate your choice of scroll (kosher scrolls are sold separately) and comes with double-sided tape for easy adhering.

Star of David Blue Silky Stripe Tallit Set by Ronit Gur

Stripe Tallit Set
צילום: Ajudaica

An interesting and lively blue pattern adorns this kosher tallit that will be treasured for years. Perfect for a gift or for yourself, Israeli artist Ronit Gur has added lovely blue stripes that highlight perfectly a Star of David design. Available in two fabrics, a high-quality wool or a long-wearing polyester-viscose blend, the tallit set includes a matching tallit bag and kippah. The tzitzit are hand tied and adhere to the strictest religious guidelines. This is but one of several Ronit Gur Tallit designs, available for both men and women, in a wide choice of colors and styles. Ronit has been creating Judaica from fabric for over 24 years, appealing to both contemporary and traditional observers. The tallit is available in several weights and can be personalized with your name and other special features.

I do consider myself very lucky, First, to get an early glimpse of the newest items in Judaica. And then second, because I feel so lucky to be able to sell these items to people looking for a gift, a keepsake, or a functional item for use on Shabbat or around the house. No matter if you’re looking for a mezuzah, a new tallit set, or something else altogether, we have an incredible selection of Judaica here at Ajudaica I’d love to tell you about..