Hezbollah attacks weren't retaliation for 'Israeli drone attack'

Arab reports: Hezbollah retaliated for attack on Iranian target in Syria, not alleged Israeli drone attack on Hezbollah site in Beirut.

Chana Roberts,

Syria-Israel border (illustrative)
Syria-Israel border (illustrative)
Yitzchak Harari, Flash 90

Hezbollah's attacks on Israel were not, in fact, a response to the "drone attacks" in Beirut which were attributed to Israel, Asharq Al-Awsat reported.

According to Asharq Al-Awsat, Hezbollah's attacks on Israel were a response to the deaths of two Hezbollah terrorists in Syria over a week ago.

This would corroborate last week's report in Kuwait's Al Rai newspaper, which quoted the "Opposition Force" sources as saying that Hezbollah aimed to exact a price similar to the one it paid, by taking the lives of two or three Israelis.

The report also said Hezbollah plans to retaliate for the "drone attack" by shooting down an Israeli drone.

On Sunday, Hezbollah, a Lebanon-based terror group,attacked Israeli military targets near Avivim and Kibbutz Yir'on in northern Israel. No one was injured.

Israel responded by sending warplanes and artillery to attack 50 targets in southern Lebanon.