Hamas praises Hezbollah's attack on the northern border

Hamas says Israeli air strikes need to be stopped on all fronts from Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and all the way to "Palestine."

Dalit Halevi ,

IDF Northern Command
IDF Northern Command
IDF Spokesperson's Unit

Hamas on Sunday praised Hezbollah for attacking IDF targets on the northern border in response to an Israeli attack on Beirut.

The terrorist organization released a statement in which it said that Israeli strikes should be stopped on all fronts from Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and all the way to "Palestine."

Hamas stressed the right of Hezbollah and all the resistance organizations to respond to "aggression" on the part of Israel and to create an equation of deterrence with it.

Meanwhile, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh praised the words of Iran's spiritual leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, about Iran's willingness to provide the resistance organizations with what they need to continue fighting.

Terrorists operating out of southern Lebanon fired multiple anti-tank missiles at Israeli positions and vehicles near the town of Avivim in northern Israel Sunday afternoon.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu later denied Hezbollah’s claims that the crew of an IDF tank was killed by the group’s missiles, saying that no Israelis were killed or injured in the attacks.

“We have no casualties,” said Netanyahu at a press conference. “No one was injured – not even a scratch.”