The Holiday Season is a Perfect Time to Advertise on Arutz Sheva

This is the season of increased buzz online – and Arutz Sheva is the perfect place to grab people’s attention.

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Arutz Sheva Staff , | updated: 20:55

The holiday season is fast approaching – Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Succot, and with that comes a flurry of online activity.

People in the holiday spirit are more inclined to spend money or splurge, whether it’s to buy things they need for the holidays, or to make donations to worthy causes.

People are inspired to be their best, and acquire additional merits. They are full of newfound energy to end the year on a good note and make the next year even better.

This is a great time get people to focus on your business or cause – you just need to show them how your product, cause or service can help them better their lives.

Arutz Sheva in Numbers

We generally see more traffic during the work week, and now that children are headed back to school and people are going back to work, this means even more people will be reading the news than usual.

This, on top of the normal numbers of over 1.3 million unique users each month, which total over 8 million page views.

More than half our readers are in North America, the rest come from all over the world, but you can choose to target any country you want through your ads.

69% of our readers and viewers are men, 31% women, with ages distributed quite evenly between the ages of 18 and 65+. Most of the visits come through mobile phones.

The site is updated 24 hours a day except for Shabbat and Jewish Holidays, and has a strong following on Facebook and through email list updates.

Typically, this is the time when we see the most demand from businesses and organizations who want to advertise, so contact us before all the slots are taken!

Contact us today for special holiday prices and packages, we can craft the perfect set up for any need or budget.