Mevo Modi'im families to Netanyahu: Don't leave us homeless

Sixty families who lost their homes 3 months ago in a devastating fire protest outside the prime minister's residence in Jerusalem.

Eliran Aharon,

Don't leave us homeless
Don't leave us homeless
Credit: Eliran Aharon

Dozens of families from the Mevo Modi'im moshav were left homeless in May following a fire that devastated the village and destroyed their homes.

The families protested on Sunday evening outside Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's residence in Jerusalem, protesting the state's failure to address their crisis.

The Israel Police recently submitted a report claiming that the arson investigation was closed for lack of evidence, despite the fact that the fire department initially suspected that the fire was caused by arson.

The series of failures and the lack of responsibility for the disaster leaves the families homeless, helpless and without a future.

The state offered alternative housing for several months, but Mevo Modi'im residents want to return home and demand that Netanyahu find a permanent solution for them.