The resounding hypocrisy of Rashida Tlaib

Rabbi Yitz Wyne thinks the Democratic congresswoman didn't really plan to visit her grandmother, but aimed for a pre-planned provocation.

Rabbi Yitz Wyne ,

Reps. Omar & Tlaib
Reps. Omar & Tlaib

"The Vegas Take," talks about Israel's decision on Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib's entering the country, and the recent white supremacist's arrest in Las Vegas.

Rabbi Yitz Wyne thinks the Israeli decision not to allow them to enter in order to create provocations was correct.

He adds that, in retrospect, the agreement to approve the entry of Rashida Tlaib into Israel for humanitarian reasons was also justified, because it revealed the true face and true intentions of the trip, which intended primarily to de-legitimize the State of Israel.