Shocking video: Arab employees abuse Jewish colleague

In a video posted on social media on Thursday, Arab Shufersal employees in Gush Etzion are seen abusing a haredi employee.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Shufersal supermarket
Shufersal supermarket
Avi Dishi/Flash90

A video posted on Thursday evening on social media showed Arab workers abusing a Jewish haredi worker in the Gush Etzion branch of the supermarket chain Shufersal.

The video shows the Jewish worker standing without his kippah (skullcap), with his hands secured to his body with saran wrap, while an Arab worker insults him and slaps him in the face over and over.

Shufersal responded to the video, stating, "We are disgusted and categorically reject the behavior seen in this video. We are filing a complaint with the police this evening and we'll do everything we can to ensure that incidents like these will not be repeated."

"We at Shufersal believe in true coexistence and reject any evidence of employee violence between workers and in general. We are in contact with the employee who was harmed in the incident and are assisting him with everything he needs."

Gush Etzion council head Shlomo Ne'eman said: "This is a very serious event. If this happened in Europe we would all be crying out anti-Semitism and rightly so. We will in no way accept nationalistic-based harassment and abuse and of course this applies to both sides."

"On the other hand, we have seen Shufersal's response rejecting this behavior and their appeal to the Israeli police to arrest those behind the act," Ne'eman continued. "The council praises this response. Shufersal has been operating in Gush Etzion for many years and we all hope that it will continue to act in such a way to prevent such incidents from occurring again in our districts."