Watch at your own risk: Terrifying tales of Arab brutality

Boomerang produces a stark video on the cruel realities of Arab brutalities against their Jewish neighbors in the Hevron massacre..

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Ezri Tubi on weekly Boomerang report
Ezri Tubi on weekly Boomerang report
Credit: Boomerang

Viewer discretion advised. Some may find the images on this video disturbing.

A total of 28 terror attacks against Jews in Judea and Samaria were reported over the past week, bringing the total number of attacks since the beginning of 2019 to 1,364.

Boomerang, which tracks terrorism in Judea and Samaria with its Weekly Terror Report, also produced a video this week sharing what many Israelis feel deep inside when thinking of their Arab neighbors - that the horrendous pogrom in which 67 Jews were raped, tortured, mutilated and murdered in Hevron 90 years ago could happen again if the Arabs were able to do so..

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