Explosions heard in Syria's Hama region

Syrian news agency says hostile missile downed over Masyaf area.

Elad Benari,

Attacks in Gaza (archive)
Attacks in Gaza (archive)

Syrian media reported on Thursday night that explosions were heard in the Masyaf District of the Hama Governorate.

The country’s official news agency SANA reported that anti-aircraft fire downed a hostile missile over the region.

The report said the missile was fired from Lebanon's aerial territory and was intercepted before it hit its target.

“At 23:06 on Thursday, August 15, 2019, our air defense detected a hostile target from northern Lebanon towards the city of Masyaf, and immediately dealt with it and destroyed it before reaching its target,” said the Syrian Defense Ministry.

The military base in Maysaf has been attacked in the past, in an air strike attributed to Israel.

Last month, Syria accused Israel of attacking several targets in the Deraa and Kuneitra regions of Syria. According to the reports, the attacks were directed against a weapons depot used by Iranian militias.

Earlier that month, Syria accused Israel of carrying out an air strike on its territory. According to the Syrian media, the attack was a combined attack by Israeli fighter jets and navy ships in which missiles were fired at military targets in the capital Damascus and in the city of Homs.

A satellite image released after the attack showed the site that was attacked in Damascus. According to the Image Satellite International (ISI) company, the site in question was a large hangar inside the SSRC complex in Jarmaya.