Israeli ISIS fighter wants to come home

Israeli Arab who joined ISIS says he is ready to come home, face Israeli courts for his actions.

Gary Willig,


An Arab-Israeli who fought on behalf of the Islamic State (ISIS) has asked Israeli Prime Minister Bunyamin Netanyahu to allow him to return to Israel.

In an interview with i24News, Sayyaf Sharif Daoud said that he had decided to fight for ISIS "to help the Syrian people."

"At first, I thought it was going to be easy, everyone reads about the Syrian regime, my main motivation was to fight the Syrian regime for all the horrors it has committed, we all saw how this regime massacred women, and children," Daouod said.

Last month, Daoud told BBC Arabic that he joined ISIS instead of one of the Palestinian Arab terrorist organizations because Israel "has not done one percent of what Bashar Al-Assad has done" to his own people.

Daoud, 30, is currently being held prisoner in the Kurdish region of Syria. He came from the village of Kafr Bara in central Israel before joining ISIS in 2015.

He told i24NEWS that he was shocked by ISIS' war crimes and treatment of both its enemies and soldiers. "Wars, prisons, interrogations, injustices, torture ... I have really suffered too much, I want to finally find my country, I want to live in peace, I can not go anymore."

Daoud said that he was "ready to accept any conviction and to appear in Israeli court."

Earlier this month, Daoud gave an interview with Saudi Arabian television station Al Arabiya in which he claimed that he never committed any war crimes during his time with ISIS.

“I request that you return me to Israel," he said. "It is very hard, this jail. It is very, very hard. This is my request and I know it is not hard for you to do. And by god I promise to not go back to how I used to be and to become a respectable person.”

When asked what he thought of the Jewish State, Daoud told the Saudi news anchor: “Israel is a democratic state ... I have not seen injustice there. We Arabs live together in Israel with the Jews. There is no injustice. We are treated just like the Jews.”

He asked Prime Minister Netanyahu to bring him home just as he brought back Gilad Schalit, the Israeli soldier who was held captive in Gaza by the Hamas terrorist organization from 2006-2011.

“I am an Israeli citizen. I know you are the prime minister of a democratic state that does not differentiate between Jews and Arabs,” Daoud said in Hebrew, adding that "everyone knows what you (Netanyahu) did for one Israeli soldier (Schalit)."

Israeli citizens who have joined ISIS have faced punishments ranging from prison terms to the revocation of citizenship.