'250 percent increase in complaints by religious soldiers'

Reserve Rabbi's Forum member Rabbi Aviad Gadot responds to report by Soldier's Complaints Commissioner: 'An alarming trend.'

Hezki Baruch ,

Religious soldiers
Religious soldiers
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IDF Comptroller and Deputy Commissioner of Soldiers Brigadier General Eitan Dahan yesterday presented the Annual Report of Soldiers' Complaints for 2018 to the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee.

Major (res.) Rabbi Aviad Gadot of the Reserve Rabbis Forum, who was present at the discussion, spoke with IDF representatives and addressed the data showing the increase of complaints by religious soldiers, for the second year running.

According to Gadot, the trend reflects the damage caused by the anti-religioization campaign, which causes commanders and rabbinical officials to fear providing soldiers proper service on issues such as joint service, kashrut, Shabbat and the like.

Rabbi Gadot revealed that the military officials who arrived in the Knesset admitted they never encountered inverse complaints by soldiers who felt religious coercion, proving that the campaign did not reflect reality.

He called on public representatives in the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee to raise the issue for individual discussion and come to an effective solution to stop the worrying trend.