Daycare worker who was fired plans to sue manager

'I didn't throw a shoe at him, and the shoe didn't hurt him,' daycare worker says, promising to sue manager for unfair firing.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Daycare center
Daycare center

Natalia Kostiokaski was fired from her position as daycare assistant in Haifa after footage from security cameras showed what seemed to be problematic actions on her part.

An police investigation was opened, but the file is expected to be closed since her actions do not constitute proper abuse.

Now, Mako reports, Kotstiokaski plans to fight the manager who fired her, as well as the parents who complained, suing for being inappropriately fired and slandered.

Speaking to Mako, Kostiokaski explained that the video of herself throwing a shoe at one of the children was "just a game."

"The children throw shoes, I threw a shoe back," she explained. "It's all a game with the children. I didn't throw a shoe at him, and the shoe did not hurt the child."

"I sat there, talked to him, explained to him that we don't throw shoes. He threw and I threw back, but I didn't throw it on him."

She also said that the video showing her using force to get a child to sleep, she "was not using force, there was no abuse there. The girl was resisting, it's a kind of game."

When asked if she is considering apologizing for her mistakes, Kostiokaski told Mako: "I know that I was okay."

Regarding the meeting with her manager, Kostiokaski said: "He told me that one mother had requested to see the cameras because her daughter complained she was being hit. They wanted to see the footage and he told me, 'The parents are really upset and they want to complain, to submit a complaint to the police. There might be a criminal case.' And he just held a hearing."

Kostiokaski's attorney, Shimon Tzur, said: "The footage was taken out of context. Any daycare you go to and watch an hour or two of footage, you'll be able to say, 'This daycare worker doesn't care for these kids, this daycare worker threw a cloth diaper on that child.' It's games. I don't see anything wrong with it, really."

"One of the parents asked who was hitting his child, thinking it to be one of the other children. And from there the footage got out to the staff, the parents, they really smeared her name."

He added that if it were his child, he "would have no problem with it. The girl wasn't hurt, she didn't cry. Did she do something to hurt the girl, was she hurt in any way or something like that? She didn't hurt any of the children."

Tami Ulman, the attorney who represents the daycare director, told Mako: "My client is acting in accordance with the law. When the police complaint was filed by parents of children in the daycare, police conducted an investigation and found no suspicion against the daycare. At the same time, despite staff meetings which were held countless times regarding protocols for how staff should care for the children, the lady acted not in accordance with the protocols, as can be seen in the footage, and therefore she was dealt with immediately. She had a hearing as required by law and in the end was fired from her job."