Pittsburgh: 2 women stabbed, 1 dead

Two women stabbed in downtown Pittsburgh. One woman died. The condition of the 2nd woman, who was wearing a hijab, is stable.

Sara Rubenstein ,

Stabbing attack
Stabbing attack

Two women were stabbed in downtown Pittsburgh about 11:30 a.m. on Thursday. Both women were rushed to the hospital and one was pronounced dead on arrival. The second woman is in stable condition.

Prior to the stabbing, a police officer was driving by when he noticed a woman in distress at a bus stop. As the officer was checking on her, a man came from behind, stabbed the woman with a knife and then stabbed another woman, who was reportedly wearing a hijab.

The police officer drew his gun and ordered the man to the ground. The man dropped his knife and the officer handcuffed him. The officer then provided first-aid to the first woman who was bleeding from her neck by applying pressure to her wound. Witness Ron Sicilia, 62, told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that the woman was “bleeding profusely.”

Commander Victor Joseph, head of violent crime, said it didn't seem as if the two women knew each other. “We do not have a motive right now on why this crime took place — it seems, by all accounts, a random act of violence,” he said.