Watch: Shas musical response to anti-haredi video

Shas appeals to Central Election Commission to demand video be removed. 'It has real potential for incitement.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

מתוך סרטון ש"ס
מתוך סרטון ש"ס
צילום: דוברות ש"ס

Shas chairman Aryeh Deri published a response video on Monday to the incitement video posted by Blue and White leader Yair Lapid.

In the video Deri posted, the Shas campaign group appears to be furious about the Lapid video, but Deri wants to stop the rage. "Against the waves of hatred and sectarianism, in the days before Tisha B'Av for the destruction of the Temple and the rift in the Jewish People, it's time to stop the discourse of hatred and increase love."

The video continues with an acapella version of a song by Uziah Tzadok that expresses, according to the party, "a Jewish prayer for the protection and unity of the Jewish People."

Shas also filed a petition earlier on Monday to the Central Election Commission through Attorney General Yisrael Bach.

Shas is requesting the issuance of an injunction against distributing the Blue and White video that claims, among other things, that the haredi representatives "are asking for all the money Israel has."

Shas claims that the Shas and UTJ parties are presented as "money-grubbers who have nothing in their hearts except finances. In doing so, the video expresses a racist message that seeks to harm the fabric of life in the State of Israel among the various 'tribes.' It has a real potential for incitement and harm to the haredi public and it goes beyond the accepted and permitted political message."