Ohio shooter identified, gunman's sister was one of the victims

Connor Betts, a 24-year old 'young white male' killed 9 and injured 27 in less than a minute with an assault-style rifle.

Sara Rubenstein ,

Police car
Police car

The perpetrator of the shooting in Dayton, Ohio on Sunday, which killed nine, has been identified as a "young white male" - 24-year old Connor Betts His own sister, Megan, 22, was the youngest victim to die; the other fatalities ranged from ages 25 to 57 and 27 people were injured. Betts was killed by the police.

A little past 1 a.m. on Sunday, Betts approached the Ned Peppers bar in the downtown Oregon District, a popular nightlife area, where thousands of people congregate every weekend. He began shooting an assault-style rifle, a .223 caliber weapon with high capacity magazines, and when someone at the bar grabbed the rifle's barrel he grabbed a handgun to continue shooting. Although nearby police officers on patrol managed to shoot and kill Betts less than a minute after he began shooting, his rampage proved deadly.

Witnesses of the scene said that eleven panicked customers at the bar ran into the bathroom and held the door shut. A witness told NBC News: “I just heard a few gunshots and then saw everyone jumping to the ground,” she said. “I've never experienced anything like that, so I dove to the ground and started running to the bathroom. I saw people trying to move toward the exit. We were holding the door shut and waiting until the gunshots stopped. People were banging on the doors throughout. We weren’t sure if they were … you know … we weren’t sure if it was people getting in to shoot us or to get safe.”

According to Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley, Betts was wearing body armor during the shooting and had additional high-capacity magazines. She also said that the shooter's motive is unknown. Local, state and federal authorities are currently investigating the circumstances of the shooting and searching Bett's family home.

"I really want to -- think about that minute. ... If we did not have police in the Oregon District and the thousands of people in the Oregon District enjoying their Saturday evening, what we could have had in this city," Mayor Nan Whaley said. “What's very sad is I have gotten messages from cities across the country — so many of us have gone through it."

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine stated that he ordered flags in Ohio remain at half-mast and offered assistance to Whaley.

"Fran and I are absolutely heartbroken over the horrible attack that occurred this morning in Dayton," DeWine said. "We join those across Ohio and this country in offering our prayers to victims and their families."

Hours before the shooting in Dayton, a mass shooting occurred on Saturday in a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, killing 20 and injuring 27.

The shooting in Ohio was the 22nd mass killing in the US in 2019, according to the AP/USA Today/Northeastern University mass murder database. Altogether, 125 people have been killed in the US in mass shootings in 2019.