Dozens of haredim train to join the Paratroopers Brigade

The Shachar organization, which assists religous soldiers, holds a training series for haredim who want to join the paratroopers.

Shimon Cohen ,

Training exercises
Training exercises
Credit: Shachar

Dozens of young haredim have been participating in a training series for the past few weeks organized by the Shachar organization in anticipation of the pre-enlistment training for the Paratroopers Brigade.

IDF officials say that youth who want to integrate into a top service in the IDF are aware that they must physically and mentally prepare for the pre-enlistment training. Haredi youth are motivated to join the training series since they are particularly determined to serve in the Paratroopers Brigade.

Shachar's training series include lectures about meaningful service, motivation, teamwork and a challenging training series, including IDF combat training, combat fitness, hikes and more.

The organization, which accompanies the haredi IDF divisions, expresses great satisfaction at the boys' success in meeting their assigned tasks and objectives. "Preparing for combat service is always important, especially when it comes to top divisions which require a high professional and operational level," a Shachar spokesperson said.