Woman delivers baby in plane bathroom; flight diverted

Woman delivers own daughter on way from Qatar to Lebanon. By time plane makes emergency landing in Kuwait, crew had treated woman and baby.

Mordechai Sones,

Labor day?
Labor day?

An airplane was diverted from its path on Saturday after a woman who had labor pains gave birth a girl while the plane was in the air. The Middle East Airlines flight making its way from Doha, Qatar to Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, stopped in Kuwait for the woman to receive proper treatment.

The unexpected landing occurred after the Filipino citizen on the plane gave birth to her daughter unexpectedly in the plane's water closet. Until the moment the plane landed on the ground at the airport and a medical team arrived, the plane's crew treated the mother.

A picture of the mother and her new daughter is part of the Facebook group "Lebanese Scouts."

A number of local reporters covering the event suggested that the baby be named for the airline on whose flight it was born - with the unusual name "MEA".

Others suggested that Middle East Airlines give the baby free flights for life - as happened in 2017, when a baby born on a Jet Airways flight was registered as not having to pay another penny for a company flight for the rest of its life. Meanwhile, the company has not yet announced that it will grant the baby the prize.