A quiet revolution:
Haredi IDF graduates to join the Mossad?

An employment conference for haredi IDF graduates includes representatives of the Mossad and the Israel Prison Service.

Eliran Aharon ,

From Netzach Yehuda to the Mossad?
From Netzach Yehuda to the Mossad?
Credit: Eliran Aharon

Hundreds of graduates of haredi army tracks participated in an academic and employment conference designed especially for them on Wednesday.

The "Life Professionals" conference was attended by representatives of the Mossad and the Israel Prison Service, who searched for potential candidates. The conference included professional training and workshops on the rights of former IDF soldiers.

The meeting was attended by the head of the Social Security Department at the Ministry of Defense, Brig. Gen. (res.) Moshe Zin, head of the Defense Ministry's Recruitment Division Udi Dror, head of the Haredi Military Administration, Lieutenant General Talam Hazan, CEO of the Netzach Yehuda Association and Netzach Yehuda rabbis.

This is the first employment conference held by Netzah Yehuda in cooperation with the Haredi Military Administration and the Social Security Department of the Ministry of Defense, which included a significant security body like the Mossad. A Mossad member who led the conference said, "I was at a lot of fairs in recent years - this is the largest and most impressive fair we've ever had. We're glad we're here."

The head of the army's military administration, Lieutenant Colonel Talam Hazan, addressed the soldiers and graduates: "This day is a unique day for me and for all those present at this event. We arranged this day for you so that you can continue the process you started in your military service - personal development and the acquisition of professional tools for life. A wide range of opportunities in employment and education are presented here for you."

"We at the Haredi Military Administration serve as a home for the haredi soldier in the IDF," Hazan added. "And in cooperation with many good people, we will assist the many haredi soldiers who were released after service in the haredi IDF tracks. Your success is the success of all of us."

The director of the Netzah Yehuda association, Yossi Levy, addressed the issue of haredim serving in the IDF. "You have completed a unique and meaningful service. All that is left to congratulate you and hope that your friends who aren't studying in yeshiva and aren't utilizing their abilities will be like you - preserving the Jewish heritage and haredi culture and also sacrificing for the people of Israel."