UK firm looks to level the playing field for small businesses

'Brand guidance used to be available only to the Goliaths of business. Now it will be available to the Davids, too.'

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Business. Illustration

Brand management consulting service TransgressiveX rebrands to launch proquoᵃ ͥ  - the world’s first Brand Management platform for Small Business Owners.

One of the UK’s leading brand guidance firms, TransgressiveX, has relaunched under a new name, proquoai.

The company was founded in 2012 by renowned Irish-Egyptian entrepreneur, Nadim Sadek. The new proquoᵃ ͥ  platform is designed to help small business owners thrive in the ‘relationship era’ and the subscription model provides brands who have never had access to sentiment with valuable insights into what people feel and think about them versus their competition and category. All the sentiment and data captured is presented through their bespoke 16 Drivers of relationship exchange. These drivers include attraction, empathy and connection among others.

Subscribers, or Exchangers, as they’re called by proquoᵃ ͥ , can get feelings and thoughts about their brand in two segmentation splits including splits by users and non-users or between genders, for example.

With monthly subscriptions starting at £500 per month, the proquoᵃ ͥ  platform will be the first Brand Management platform built for small business owners.

“Historically, the price of brand guidance was so high, that it was available only to the largest of brands—the Goliaths” said proquoᵃ ͥ  CEO, Nadim Sadek. “Today’s advancements in technology have allowed proquoᵃ ͥ  to democratize brand guidance, making it available now to the Davids too.”

AI, Machine Learning & Brand Physics has enabled proquoᵃ ͥ  to turn their proven brand measurement framework into a SaaS platform for growing, ambitious small business owners.

The Brand Management platform can measure a brand’s “powers of seduction and persuasion” to provide a score showing its competitive power, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. This single, simple indicator of strength is called the proquo score.

The proquoai platform is powered by artificial intelligence and integrates neuroscience as well as proprietary survey techniques intended to provide a more accurate reflection of peoples relationships with a brand.

In December 2015, the company was hired by Unilever to provide insights across a number of brands, beating over 26 companies who Unilever had been trialling for data science services over the course of two years. Other clients that TransgressiveX worked with have included food brands Rustlers and Stript Snacks’ biltong.

The company has relocated from Kensington to Shepherd’s Bush and is currently hiring to expand its fast-growing team.