Rabbi Ettinger's widow calls to take down incitement billboard

Shomron Council head threatens Supreme Court appeal if IDF does not remove sign commemorating murderer of Rabbi Ettinger and Sgt Gal Kaidan

Mordechai Sones ,

Ettinger family
Ettinger family
Courtesy of the family

Shomron Regional Council head Yossi Dagan threatens a Supreme Court appeal if IDF Central Command refuses to remove a billboard that was hung in the village of Brukin in Samaria in memory of the murderer of Rabbi Achad Ettinger and Sgt. Gal Kaidan.

Dagan contacted Defense Ministry Director Udi Adam through the law firm of Weinberger & Bertenthal after Central Command informed Rabbi Ettinger's widow and the B'Tzalmo organization that they did not intend to remove the sign posted in the village because of "priorities".

The letter sent to the Defense Ministry states: "The approach you took in your letter and in practice ignores incitement to terror and strengthens supporters of terror acts. Inaction in enforcement of the law can lead to contempt for the law, in addition to contempt for human life that derive directly from the acts of the terrorist, and from the actions of those responsible for hanging the sign, whose sole purpose is to glorify and praise crime.

Rabbi Ahiad Ettinger was murdered in an attack last March after he tried to neutralize the terrorist and managed to prevent another killing.

Yossi Dagan
Yoni Kempinski

"The announcement by Central Command to the widow that removing a sign in memory of her husband's murderer in an Arab village under full Israeli control (Area C) is not possible because of priorities considerations is insane and unacceptable," says Yossi Dagan.

"The surprising disregard for incitement in the middle of an Israeli-controlled village encourages terror, abandons the security of the residents, and teaches every Arab child in Judea and Samaria that terror pays. Not only are terrorists receiving salaries, but also commemorative signs of their 'heroism'. We demand the immediate removal of the sign encouraging incitement in accordance with the spirit of the law against incitement," added the Council head.

Tamar Ettinger said: "I hereby protest in my name and my family's name the incompetence of the security establishment in the mistaken decision to leave the billboard of blood honoring the terrorist who murdered my husband, Rabbi Ahiad Ettinger and the soldier Gal Kaidan.

"This isn't another innocent sign - it's a declared encouragement of terror, demonstrative support by his family and his village for his actions. The defense establishment must remove this sign as part of deterrence and as an effort to prevent the next attack. The defense establishment's failure to remove the sign itself encourages and supports terror, even if passively," the widow added.

"The struggle against terror isn't only at the final act when the terrorist comes out with a knife, but is an encompassing system that encourages and strengthens him. Naming streets after terrorists is part of it. It is very unfortunate that Central Command ignores such severe glorification of terror. We very much hope the IDF will come to its senses and fight terror and remove the incitement sign that glorifies and strengthens terror."