'Jews are from Judea'

While alarms warn of split between young Jews and Israel, 23 of them journey to the settlements.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

'Jews are from Judea'
'Jews are from Judea'
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The Reut Group this week released a report warning that left-leaning American social movements demand that Jews admit they are "privileged white people" and disavow their claims of past persecution and abandon their support for Israel which is seen as a white, colonialist nation.

As a result, many unaffiliated young Jews turn away from their families' long time support for Israel and Zionism in order to fit socially in a young milieu where Zionists are unwelcome.

In other words, in today's America Jews are still permitted to be Jews, they just have to sever their ties to their homeland.

Many Israelis, despite the alarming reports, which usually come accompanied with tales of blatant anti-Semitism against young Jews on campus and in their home communities, don't necessarily accept as gospel the news of mass flight of Jewish youths from their pride and joy, Israel.

As can be seen in local Religious Zionist newspapers, especially the plethora of freebie Shabbat (Sabbath) magazines available in synagogues, Israelis don't doubt the experiences of young Jews who report being assaulted for their religious identity, but, skeptical souls that they are, attribute much of the crisis to exaggeration by the media.

It's because the reported data don't match their own anecdotal experiences in meeting young Jewish visitors.

The fact is, things have been far worse for Jews in the past, and Israelis meet numerous individuals who don't follow the leftist trend.

This week, 23 such individuals, young Jews who consider themselves to be politically conservative, visited Israel and insisted on touring the settlements of Judea and Samaria.

It's probably because they're sane Jews; they can tell friend from foe; and they love their fellow Jews who chose to live in the fields and villages where our ancestors tended their sheep and goats: Judea and Samaria.

Young Jewish Conservatives is a national grassroots coalition that unites politically active conservative young Jews. Their mission is to empower fellow politically conservative young Jews, give them the tools they need to defend their values, and help them advocate for conservative causes.

Unlike young Jews who make the headlines these days - because the media serves the needs of the left-leaning, anti-Israel agendas - these young Jews are proud to label themselves as conservatives working members of the American conservative movement.