Crane operator loses consciousness, MDA team climbs to rescue

Crane operator loses consciousness at height of 50 meters. MDA teams climb, give medical treatment, evacuate to hospital.

Mordechai Sones ,

MDA team scales crane
MDA team scales crane
MDA Spokesman

A crane operator fell ill and lost consciousness this morning during work at a Haifa construction site. MDA teams gave him initial treatment and evacuated him to Rambam Hospital.

The incident began shortly after 10:00, when a report was received at MDA headquarters saying the crane operator in the operator's cab at a height of 50 meters had lost consciousness.

MDA paramedics mounted the crane with advanced medical equipment and with the help of firefighters and security guards in harnesses and provided primary medical care to the crane operator, who was extracted and evacuated to Rambam Hospital in Haifa in stable and good condition.

MDA Paramedic Guy Carmel said: "When we arrived at the site, the workers told us a man apparently lost consciousness in the crane cab at a height of about 50 meters. Accompanied by firefighters who secured me in harnesses, hoisted me up to the cab with the medical equipment where the crane operator was found feeling ill but was conscious. I gave him initial medical treatment and immediately afterwards the firefighters extracted him from the high cab and evacuated him to Rambam Hospital."