'Our children have no time to wait'

Adviser for National Council for the Child demands supervision law must be implemented 'immediately,' instead of spread out over 6 years.

Hezki Baruch ,

Carmit Pollack-Cohen
Carmit Pollack-Cohen
Hezki Baruch

Israel National Council for the Child legal adviser Carmit Pollack-Cohen demanded that the process of transferring Israel's supervised and subsidized daycares from the Labor and Welfare Ministry to the Education Ministry begin immediately.

"The Prime Minister's announcement is important and critical," Pollack-Cohen told Arutz Sheva in an interview. "We must ensure that he keeps his promise even before the elections. Keeping this promise is crucial to ensuring that we will be able to protect children and provide training for daycare providers. It's important that we be able to provide physical and emotional safety for children and toddlers ages birth to three years."

"It is unthinkable that this announcement will remain on paper only. We must ensure that the Prime Minister understands that this battle is a battle for our children's future, and our children do not have time to wait. It's time for us all to band together. The Likud, the Blue and White [party], and all the parties - this is not a battle of right or left, this is everyone's battle. When will we wake up? This is an opportunity to make a change, so what are we waiting for?

"Children are born zero years old, not three years old. We cannot content ourselves with moving the daycares to the Education Ministry. Already in the previous Knesset we passed the Daycare Supervision Law, which mandates supervision, training for daycare providers, and supervision. Next month the law will go into effect in such a minor way that the situation is not logical."

Regarding the Camera Law, Pollack-Cohen said: "The issue of cameras is a complicated issue. What the public does not understand is that no one is going to be watching in real time. We're interested in protecting the privacy of the children and also of the daycare providers. Only in cases where there is a actual suspicion will law enforcement be allowed to watch the videos."

"The Daycare Supervision Law is an important law and it must go into effect immediately. The law will take effect over a period of six years. Our children don't have time to wait. We are obligated to the children of today, not to the children of tomorrow or six years from now."