Mike Tyson to visit Warsaw Ghetto

Heavyweight boxing champion to visit Warsaw Ghetto Memorial, POLIN Jewish museum, and other Jewish sites in Warsaw.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Mike Tyson with Jonny Daniels
Mike Tyson with Jonny Daniels
Courtesy of Jonny Daniels

Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson is slated to visit Jewish sites in Warsaw, including the Warsaw Ghetto Memorial.

Tyson is currently in Poland as a guest of ‘FoodCare’ a food manufacturer in Poland that sells around all the world, including Israel.Tyson is their presenter and face of their brand “black energy drink” to promote the brand.

As part of his trip Tyson requested to visit the POLIN Jewish Museum, the Warsaw Ghetto Memorial, and the Museum of the Warsaw Uprising

Tyson will be accompanied during the tour by Jonny Daniels President of From The Depths, who made a movie with Tyson in 2018 about the Warsaw Uprising.

Wisław Wodlarski - President of FoodCare said “it is important that even if we bring a guest like Mr. Tyson to Poland for commercial reasons he should also have a chance to learn from the past.”

Jonny Daniels said: “Spending time with the former undisputed World Champion, I was taken by his deep interest and knowledge in history and interest in learning more about the Second World War, so i am honored to accompany him to these important sites.”