British youth threatens to blow up plane at Ben Gurion Airport

Captain refuses to allow 18 British youths to remain on board after one of them threatens to destroy the aircraft.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

British Airways plane (illustration)
British Airways plane (illustration)
צילום: ISTOC

18 British youths were taken off a British Airways flight from Israel to London after the captain refused to fly them when one of them threatened to blow up the aircraft.

The participants participated in a private event in Israel. After boarding the plane, one of them announced that he would blow up the plane.

The captain updated the management of the British airline and was instructed to take the youths off the plane.

A security team was dispatched to the area, which carried out inspections of passengers and aircraft.

The baggage of the passengers was removed from the plane, which took off for London a few minutes later. The young men remained in the terminal.