Officer deposed for hitting radical leftist returns to IDF

Shalom Eisner, removed from IDF after being filmed hitting provocative activist, returns to temporary reserve duty for his former position.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Shalom Eisner
Shalom Eisner
Photo by Noam Moskowitz/FLASH90

Lieutenant-Colonel (res.) Shalom Eisner, who was filmed in 2012 hitting a radical left-wing activist from Denmark with his weapon and was subsequently removed from his position as deputy commander of the Jordan Valley Division, was recently reinstated in reserve duty to fill the position from which he was dismissed.

Journalist Roi Sharon reported on Kan 11 that Eisner was called up for reserve duty after the previous deputy commander had to step down. The IDF said it was a temporary appointment.

In April 2012, when Eisner served as deputy commander of the Jordan Valley Brigade, he was summoned to a provocation by radical leftist activists and Palestinian Arabs near Jericho.

Eisner sought to disperse the provocative “bike trip” and was documented beating an anti-Israel activist from Denmark with his weapon.

The military court at the Kirya convicted Eisner as part of a plea bargain, for offenses of exceeding authority and inappropriate behavior. As part of the plea bargain, it was decided that Lt. Col. Eisner would serve two months of community service and be released from military service.